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I've always wanted a Macy's card because of the benefits. I started off with a k CL but I called every few months and they increased the limit with no hard credit pulls. Macys Company is so irresponsible and unprofessional in its credit card services and also tricky to fool people like me to use their macys cards in different places while this company never provides a decent support and customer service to them.One of the black guys was raving about how he needed to get his tires changed.The white woman jumps in the conversing and asks the black guy what size are his tires.I bumped up my credit line every month or so by 2k and once 5k. After being a Macy's card member holder for a past 20 years by a mestake i make a payment of .00 short, not even realizing that. They report late payment to a credit bureau, and my credit score change from 820 to 780.Pay it off early, don't use up more than 10 percent of the credit available and you can increase your credit score pretty quickly. Ihave called them and, and THEY PROMISED ME to take care of the preoblem. After 20 years i'm pulling this card from my wallet. Actually my card has been at a 0 balance for the past few months. I also have AMEX cards that are double what Macy's was giving me through AMEX so I call BS on everything.

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