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The art was acquired by the fan website Valve Time, who claimed the images were from a 2008 project.If they are indeed real concept sketches created by Valve, they suggest that work was certainly underway on Episode Three.

Not that the radio silence has kept the world devoid of any Half-Life 3 evidence at all.Concept art is generally part of the pre-production process however, so it’s not an indication that the third episode ever even reached a greybox build. It seems no one outside of Valve’s inner sanctum knows the answer.While the concept art leak helps keep the candle of hope burning, the story of Return to Ravenholm offers an opposite viewpoint.2012 saw the leak of a series of concept art images reportedly drawn for Half-Life 2: Episode Three.Among them were various drawings of Alyx Vance, men wearing cold weather gear, and a return to Xen.

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