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There are certain buffs or advantages are provided to all professions, raw materials will have a large market. While gathering materials from WOTLK areas will provide the most cash, be on the lookout for those lower level raw materials as they will shoot up in price!And many may sell for even more than what you may find in WOTLK.Before at level 70 people were willing to pay 300g for an enchant on an item but now that equipment is getting replaced so rapidly players will not spend much on an enchant or gems in gear that they may keep for only 2-3 levels.However consumables and inscriptions will be good all the way to level 80 and will sell if priced reasonably.In Wotlk, Everyone wants to power leveling their professions past 375.So Gathering professions, Herbalism, Mining and even Skinning will net a huge profit especially more now than later with the inflated prices and low supply, people are paying ridiculous prices for raw materials but they are rapidly lowering each day to a "fair" price as more people start picking up gathering professions.

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