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Below are the rules and regulations governing pets within the City of Tye.

These rules and regulations were taken from the City of Tye Animal Control Ordinance and highlight the most common rules and regulations pertaining to pets.

Hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mice, newts, and salamanders shall not be considered wild animals for the purposes of this chapter. No hybrids will be grandfathered in.(Ordinance O-08-06, sec.

Suure tõenäosusega võib Tye saada sinu lemmikpuhkusepaigaks. Seetõttu leidub ka ümberkaudu hulk igale maitsele vastavaid majutuskohti, kus võib veeta öö või terve puhkuse.

A person commits an offense if they fail to comply with the provisions of this section.(Ordinance O-08-06, sec. 2.03.002 - Criteria for the issuance Any person who applies for a license (an “applicant”) must satisfy all of the following criteria before a license will be issued:(1) Certificate of veterinarian.

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The license fee shall be established by the animal control officer, from time to time, with the concurrence of the mayor.(6) Competent adult.

(4) The fowl must have access to shelter as required by section 2.06.001(b) of this chapter and such shelter shall be thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis; and shall be no closer than 25 feet, measured in a straight line at the two closest points, to any building where people live. At the discretion of the animal control officer(s), notice shall be given to the person in possession of an animal that makes noise which unreasonably disturbs the public peace.

(5) The shelter or coop must be maintained and disinfected to discourage insects, flies, fleas, mites, or other vectors to maintain the health and safety of any person or animal. Such notice shall direct the person in possession of the animal to abate such disturbance by the animal and prevent its reoccurrence.

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