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But did you know you can also book a private, behind-the-scenes tour with the little guys, which more likely than not will include some belly rubs?

(For them, not you.) It’s pretty much the perfect way to impress a fellow animal lover.

But there are still matches to be had, most notably at Dorchester Brewing Company, where the brewery hauls out the ping-pong and foosball tables every Monday night while keeping guests happy with free pizza.

Did you know our public transportation system includes boat service to both the North and South Shores?

And Yume Wo Katare is practically dining theater: the staff shouts “we have a perfect!

” if you successfully finish your entire (enormous) bowl of pork ramen (although maybe save that achievement for a later date).

The Museum of Bad Art is exactly what you’d guess it is: askew portraits, misaligned landscapes, and nudes that might drive you to never nude-dom.

And, of course, there’s nothing like a get-to-know-you cocktail at the Top of the Hub around sunset.

The first-date movie is an obvious move, but by at least the second or third date you’ll have a better sense of your date's cultural tastes.

(The Brookline location also offers a few foodstuffs like hot dogs and cheese plates.) BYO for a nominal corkage fee if you want to move into PG territory.

These days, everyone’s more impressed by a hole-in-the-wall revelation than the next big opening.

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