Agresive live cam

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Removing your dog from its potential victims at least allows you more time to assess the problem and implement the targeted solutions below.

Below you will find a step-by-step, sensible, and science-based approached to this complex problem.

Keep in mind that performance camshafts are usually chosen for the basic purpose of producing more power from your engine.

The three questions to answer before choosing a new cam for your Harley Davidson® motorcycle are: 1.

But it's also important that you determine the underlying reason for the aggression.

Not all aggressive behaviours are equal and the more accurately you determine the reason When it comes to the risk of injury, young children and elderly folk are most at risk.

A cam with a longer intake duration will reduce static compression pressure at low speed which in turn will tend to reduce low RPM torque.

Changing cams is the easy way to more torque in the 2000-4000 RPM range.

Primary application: Is the bike going to be used for all around street riding or is the goal to have an engine which is running at the maximum torque and horse power for track or drag racing? Type of riding: Do you spend a lot of your time riding two up on highway trips or is it more important to have the most power you can get.

In other words is your riding style conservative or aggressive? Engine/Bike combination: This question relates to displacement (cubic inches), compression ratio, bike weight and what kind of cylinder head modifications have been done.

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