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Modern Zimmermann pianos are now being produced in Saxony (where the Bechstein company has regrouped their production facilities) as where all other Bechstein instruments are manufactured.(see link above) Modern Day Production At present, Zimmermann pianos still upholds the age-old tradition of training craftsmen in a three-year program, which in turn, makes them a master of basic piano building.Each key is chromatically tuned and able to create true notes.The keys are correctly spaced on the keyboard so that proper finger placement is learned even in play.He gave him the job of repairing the imported German toy pianos which had been broken during shipping. The Schoenhut Piano Company was begun in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1872.Soon more instruments and other toys were added and by 1900 Schoenhut Piano Company was the largest manufacturer of toys in the United States.Albert Schoenhut was a German immigrant who had a family tradition of toy making.He began making toy pianos in his home at an early age and perfected them over the years.

Displaying your antique finds is part of the fun of collecting them and an antique toy piano is no different.

You can also let your local antiques dealer know that you are looking for a Schoenhut antique toy piano.

Many times they will be able to locate what you are looking for.

By 1912, the company became one of Europe’s largest piano manufacturing companies as 10,000 units were being produced annually.

Later, they became a world-wide piano exporter with over 400,000 instruments sold all over the globe. Bechstein AG took ownership of the Zimmermann company in 1992 and incorporated it in their product range.

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