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She is currently single but once she was romantically linked with the co-star of The Walking Dead.She hasn't been a part of any controversy yet and has managed to keep her good image in front of the public and media.

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"We're the best of friends and we're the alpha females that have each other's backs and are willing to die for one another.Moving on to her personal life, she hasn't been married yet and has no children.She hasn't confessed anything related to her affairs till the date.In our exclusive chat, Holden spoke to Digital Spy about Andrea's "love story" with new character Michonne, how David Morrissey's Governor fits into proceedings and why season three of Q&A: 'Season three blows last year away' When we last saw Andrea she was in big trouble - where does season three pick up with her?"Well, at the end of season two, you saw that Andrea was saved by a katana-wielding warrior and for those familiar with the graphic novel, it's the iconic character of Michonne (Danai Gurira)...

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