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I walked into my new high school confident and self-assured, but sadly and quickly all of my confidence was torn to shreds.I started to get letters, emails, and even texts that read, ‘Your mom named you MC after Mc Donald’s,’ and ‘You wouldn’t have lost weight at the holocaust.’ One day, I walked into my theater class and someone had turned in a paper with my name on it for a character analysis.

I was doing so well, and then of course, something happened. I had to go to 8 months of physical therapy, and finally had knee surgery. I got back to college and while on crutches, I was shoved down the stairs by a drunk guy at a party. Once again, visuals of high school flooded my head, and I started to feel myself giving up.

Two days after the post, I received my first negative text about my journey.

It tore me to pieces, not only because of the message I got but because it was from a close friend telling me I looked stupid.

I returned home in January and had my first real ‘A-HA! I remember sitting in the driver’s seat of my car and seeing my stomach pushed up against the wheel. I remember feeling like I was sitting in my own donut, eating myself to death. On March 29, 2017, I made one of the biggest decisions of my entire life, to go through with having the gastric bypass surgery.

March 30th, the day I was supposed to be released, I could not drink water.

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