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The dates were often unsuccessful, with said failures alternating between pleasant/boring times when there was no shared romantic spark and horrendous conflicts that included verbal and physical altercations, but a fair number of dates did end up going well and had the daters saying they would go out again in the future (the show would sometimes follow up and see if that actually happened; the most common result was that subsequent dates did happen but did not produce long-term relationships).

Certain especially disastrous pairings were described as "Dates from Hell", and the show frequently concluded with excerpts from the show's "Hall of Shame" ("embarrassing moments"), "Cutting Room Floor" ("Footage that was comic but not deemed integral to a date's narrative") and "Hot Zone" ("extremely sexy footage from successful dates").

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The host asks the contestant, "Which contestant would you like to choose? " The contestant will choose one of these, with each number corresponding to each potential suitor, with '1' being the suitor sitting closest to the wall and number '3' being the person seated furthest.However, over the course of the season their clashing personalities caused them to butt heads over race decisions, which led to inconsistent performance.Still, they were able to pull themselves together enough to make the Final 3, where they managed to get a slight lead on Laura & Tyler in the final memory task.See WP: PD#Fonts and typefaces or Template talk: PD-textlogo for more information.This work includes material that may be protected as a trademark in some jurisdictions.

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