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This is the only way we can give you the tools that will make your projects stand-out. I begging Alex not to do it, I'm feel ashamed when I trying to explain it to my customers but I have no words for it!!!Some of the experiments are done in attempt to solve the ongoing pain-points that simply don't have conventional solutions. there are no words in no one of 5 languages i speak to explain this stupid thing. You make half-baked Albums and half-baked Photos... make one good working module - it IS what you call "to work like you would expect a typical social networking website", so where it in UNA? It suppose to be here, because in ALL social networks it is. You talking about new approach to networking and in fact you are pushing people out. Why you can not integrate In Outline My Friends an My Subscriptions?No offence, please, I'm talking to you from the bottom of my heart. Indeed, it may be very very confusing to take UNA in "stock" variant and work with it as if it's a conventional social network.

That is to say nothing about all the sub-networks within massive giants like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, et al. Here's what's going on and why we had to delay the update:1.

It is often a vibrant, unchecked space, where elves and trolls wrangle attitude and ideas with gusto and hilarity.

As a writer, or group of writers looking to cultivate connection, community is everything If you examine most popular Blog sites these day, the best part is the comments, the feedback from the community and the interactions between those community members.

All the power of social media, Where the opportunity lies is for Blogging platforms to evolve into social communities. Make, please, your main product working stable in old, ancient, broken world meanings : bugles, intuitive, convenient. After that - make ever experiment you want, I'll be your most involved tester there, with all passion I can offer.

Having written and developed a bunch of them and actively engaged with many hundreds more, I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about what makes a blog tick. Give them a real identity and find ways for them to interact with your content and each other that continues to develop engagement and value. Imho, messenger good for group/event chat, w/out certain subject (whatsapp chats) where you welcome to miss the point, it' chat after all. Andrew, I'm very appreciate your work, but, with all due respect, the only thing I can tell you here: do not touch the pavlova before you finish your goulash.

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