Bow wow dating keyonnah

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It’s Ant, in case you were wondering, not Larry Brown.Then “Bow Wow” picks a fight with Nev on text and says he has no time to meet Keyonnah, only to change his mind the next morning. They drive ten hours to Atlanta and roll up only to find out that Bow Wow is a butch chick named Dee.They also read an interview with Bow Wow in which he praises Skype for keeping him connected with his young daughter.Nev and Max make the most posed phone call all season, to a media relations exec at MTV who just so happens to know the name of Bow Wow’s assistant off the top of her head.All throughout the episode, Nev particularly is sold on this money as proof.To that I say: Y’all know non-famous folks got money, too, right?As Dee sees it, this Bow Wow con was her thing, and you can’t fault her for having a thing.

The latter half of the episode is the Dee show, and it’s a fascinating watch — like it was engineered to be that way.A Bow Wow fan since her playground days, Keyonnah connected with the rapper (real name Shad Gregory Moss) through a Facebook fan page.Not only does Facebook now have its own “verified” stamp for celebs and people of interest, it’s not all that difficult to spot the real page from an imitator.On rapper Bow Wow’s minor 2001 hit “Ghetto Girls,” he has a line about loving real-ass chicks who “won’t front for some Mickey D’s.” I’m sure that was a real priority for him at the time, being 13 and all, but last night’s saw a woman taking the lyric a little too seriously.Mc Donald’s employee and “part-time model” Keyonnah was roughly “60 percent convinced” she was in an online relationship with Bow Wow when she called in Nev and Max.

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