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The first calculation uses date fields, the second uses date literals, and the third and fourth use both a date field and a date literal.

In addition to simple expressions using operators, you can also use functions to build SQL expressions.

One of the most common calculations you perform is to derive a new numeric value based on existing values in your feature layer.

For example, you might subtract one year's sales totals for all your stores from sales totals from another year to find the change in profit from one year to the next, or you might divide the total number of residents under 18 years of age by the total population to determine the fraction of the population that is under 18.

Once you confirm the values are correct in the original field, you can delete the field you added.The calculated date field is the original date plus or minus the number of days you want to add or subtract.The number of days can be a whole number and can also include a fraction—for example, 1.5 would represent one and a half days, or 36 hours.This type of calculation is not supported on the spatial field from the calculation interface in You may want to add time to or subtract time from a date field or date literal value to produce an updated date field.For example, you can calculate a future inspection or review date by adding time to a date.

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