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Soon, Jeff starts to realize that his father does not want to see him and angrily leaves.

It's also about unconditional love." In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Aghayan drew comparisons with another LGBT-related made-for-tv movie, That Certain Summer (1972): "At the end of That Certain Summer, the father cries and apologizes to the son.One day, Tess receives a letter from her son asking to contact him because he wants to tell her something he cannot put off any longer.They meet in his university town, where Jeff tells her that he is homosexual.He tells her that he has tried being with girls but does not feel anything romantic, unlike with a guy on his swim team.Later that night, Tess blasts Ken for avoiding Jeff, but Ken tells her that he simply cannot agree with his son's lifestyle, criticizing liberalism and calling homosexuality 'unnatural'.

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