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Stopped to help a woman with two kids change a flat tire on the way there.I have been fortunate to have been invited to alot of major shows .It was very special and sentimental to come back to C'ville after graduating from UVA to see my college favorite band, and it was a perfect show.(I'd love to see them for the 5th time at this year's Bonnaroo!However, the real compression was only starting, as what felt like a horde of elephants began running into me from every direction.

and mind you, this was a metal concert, with double bass drums in full effect and my chest rapidly compressing.But my best experience was the night I was working on the light show for Albert Collins and Janis Joplin. She mentioned what hotel room she was in, told me the number and said "See you up ther at One thirty? Things were so magical in those days I took it all in stride.I was standing on a long folding table showing movies agianst the wall of light, animated films by a Canadian local, when I hear boots stomping and hands clapping and I look down and see Janis rught under my table and about two feet to the side. I LOVED that concert, but just told my friends I was walking home. She opened the door at and I entered her magic kingdom.C,, where I put out one of the many antiwar underground papers circulating in the armed forces at the times.Finally split for Canada after being assured by my lawyer - a Black guy, that my legal alternatives had been exhausted and I was probably gonna get thrown on a plane to Vietnam, even if I refused orders, which I had been doing.

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