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At the time of his retirement in 2014, he was the world's oldest head of state and was considered the last link to Israel's founding generation.

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Deniz Seki kimdir Ünlü şarkıcı Deniz Seki 1 Temmuz 1970 tarihinde İstanbul doğmuştur.

As Foreign Minister under Prime Minister Rabin, Peres engineered the 1994 Israel–Jordan peace treaty, In 1996, he founded the Peres Center for Peace, which has the aim of "promot[ing] lasting peace and advancement in the Middle East by fostering tolerance, economic and technological development, cooperation and well-being." but Peres said, "In 1952 or 1953, I came to New York... At age 20, he was elected to the Ha Noar Ha Oved Ve Ha Lomed national secretariat, where he was only one of two Mapai party supporters, out of the 12 members.

Lauren Bacall called me, said that she wanted to meet, and we did. Three years later, he took over the movement and won a majority.

In an interview, Peres said: "As a child, I grew up in my grandfather's home. The expedition, consisting of a group of teenagers, along with a Palmach scout, a zoologist, and an archaeologist, had been funded by Ben-Gurion and planned by Palmach head Yitzhak Sadeh, as part of a plan for future Jewish settlement of the area so as to include it in the Jewish state.

The group was arrested by a Bedouin camel patrol led by a British officer, taken to Beersheba (then a small Arab town) and incarcerated in the local jail.

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