Chelsie hightower dating romeo

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In September 2007 USCIS issued me the receipt notice for the first application.So I decided to put a stop payment on the second application, in the hope that my second application will be rejected without prejudice. I got a letter from USICS threatening me to adversely affect all my future 485 applications. A different A# was issued to me for my second application.It is clearly written that it has to go where your area falls under for the (c) 9 category. you are in Boston, it should go to TSC irrespective of which center your 485 is pending.Lil Romeo Net Worth: Lil Romeo is an American rapper, actor, basketball player, entrepreneur and model who has a net worth of million dollars.He has had one #1 single with the track, "My Baby" and recently founded his own label, "The Next Generation Entertainment"; he also formed a new group called, "College Boyys".Background: During July'07 fiasco I was able to submit my first 485 application on the 07/02/07 itself.

Correct me if i am wrong OR my attorney is just trying to drag it longer. Please see page 8-10 of the I765 form instructions for more information.

The PDs are 18 months apart, and both are not going to be current in August.

Had ending up filing both in the July fiasco because both attorneys were dillydallying on filing and we were hoping atleast one gets through, now both did.

(So I have two A#s now) Also, per their website, my receipt date for the second application is the date they received the corrected payment, which is some time in late November. I am thinking of taking one of the following actions.

Please advise, what should be an appropriate course of action.

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