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However, the most important means of defining this term is generally not citizenship so many indigenous people who are citizens of Chile are excluded from this definition.

One of the most important factors to be "Chilean" is to be ethnically European and to have a lifestyle that closer reflects Europe than it does the indigenous people.

No matter how an individual identifies, few "Chileans" are 100% European as many have indigenous blood in them; in this way the definition of this identity has a great deal of interpretation involved as almost anyone can be included as being "Chilean" so long as they believe they are Chilean and adopt the language, customs, and culture of the country's majority.

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Families are very closely knit as mothers guarantee their sons are looked after until they're married and their daughters are taught to take over their role as they seek out a husband.Klicke auf den Button, um die App deiner Wahl herunter zu laden!Culture & Identity of Chile Introduction Chile is a country of "many"; many cultures, many classes, many roots, and many ways of life.Jobs, forms of entertainment, and many other aspects of culture seem to vary from town to town as fine arts are only found in some places and sports tend to dominate some sub-cultures.Although much of Chile's population has a culture rooted in Europe, the Mapuche maintain a culture rooted in historic Chile and the Andes Mountains.

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