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We'll start with an open discussion about how to find a co-founder and formalize a relationship led by Ed Buchholz (@ebuchholz).

Then, we'll have ~5 quick meetings arranged for each person to get to know potential matches. Bring your best (and worst) ideas and a positive attitude!

Several of the businesses, including Memolane, a San Francisco–based site for archiving photos and updates from sites such as Facebook and Foursquare, have received funding.

Allan Grant met his company's co-founders, Jeff Yee and Nori Yoshida, at a bar.

The three software developers immediately bonded over their interest in lean start-up principles and Ruby on Rails, a programming framework.

Entrepreneurs, many of whom are interested in launching tech companies, typically go to functions like these to meet people with skills complementary to their own.

To maintain a balance of technical and business experience among participants, Founder Dating is selective about who may attend.

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