Consolidating itunes libraries different computers

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If a house has more than one personal computer to manage, you can then consolidate the libraries of i Tunes from multiple devices into one single library on a selected computer.On account of the large size of many i Tunes libraries, it is not easy to consolidate them.If you have set the default path of i Tunes Media Folder to D:\Music, you should copy them to D:\Music on the other computer. All in all, make sure all songs you copy from the same corresponding path in any computer.You can sync i Pod and other IOS device to the new i Tunes library in the same way as you did before.If there is any problem, try to i Tunes alternative-i Transfer for win.

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Case 1: Move your i Tunes media to a new computer with the same operating system. Navigate to the "Edit" in the main menu and choose an "Prefences" option from drop-down list.

Music can be stored along with other media on i Tunes.

It will maintain various files which will contain information about the content in your library.

i Tunes will write those files in a format that is easily readable so that all other applications can also get a compiled list of the content of the library.

If you have two libraries, Library 1 and Library 2, and you would like to add Library 2’s contents to Library 1, you will have to go to the Media folder on i Tunes that has your content.

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