Dark triad dating what does validating mx record mean

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Having a short term mating strategy (getting laid fast) is a very good way to have a long term relationship.As most guys in the friendzone know, being nice isn’t going to win the fair maiden.Basically buying a drink for a girl (offering a gift) in exchange for her time.The gift is used to “guilt” her into paying attention to you, and is one of the major reasons buying a drink for a girl as an opener is a horrible ideal.

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I personally cannot do that, but every woman I have met can.

I also learned how to influence behavior using socially accepted patterns.

These patterns are used every day by most people, but the fact I consciously know these patterns and can influence them could be described as manipulative.

But if you make her feel attraction and sexual tension which is what all of these “short term” mating strategies do, you can dictate the direction of the relationship.

I have no doubt that 15 years ago I scored a little higher than average for Narcissism, but closer to average for Psychopathy and Machiavellianism.

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