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Not to mention always trying to come up with creative date ideas - there's only so many times you can "go for a walk in the Public Gardens" before it starts to get boring and cold.We put together a list of twenty unique places in Halifax for you to take your next date - and none of them cost more than ! Relive your youth and go cosmic bowling at Bowlerama on Bayers Road!Craft a coffee or some craft beer on their beautiful patio when you’re done!Jump on the ferry on a nice day and take in the Halifax harbour as you sail over to Dartmouth.In a few weeks (read days) the weather will start to plummet below zero and they’ll spray The Oval down to make an ice rink!

Bingo is a lot more fun when the black lights are on though.They also host some very competitive trivia nights, including a Harry Potter Trivia tournament that will be starting October 24Take advantage of Stillwell’s pop up Beer Garden while it’s open on the corner of Spring Garden and South Park Street.Drink some craft beer with your significant other on their outdoor patio and bask in the (super instagrammable) hanging lights.I'm 4-20friendly, I vape but don't mind smokers and enjoy ...looking for NORMAL friendship I'm in my 20's & Autistic.

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