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But the title of this book was so intriguing that I had to put it on my list.

I loved Dunn’s whip-smart voice and appreciated that her solutions to problems were backed up by professional solutions and studies.

I couldn’t get past the flowery language that often suggested “filling up your love tank.”While it makes for a great-selling book, I don’t think that complex humans can so easily fit into one box.

Why can’t we choose to be affirmed and value physical touch desire a fancy gift on occasion?

This was at best a good reminder to communicate honestly and compassionately with the one language that matters in our relationship: English.

Confession: I don’t have kids and I don’t hate my husband.

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Some of Dunn’s problems, like feeling overwhelmed with responsibility and squabbling with her husband about chores, are not reserved for those with children; I could easily relate.

Dunn honestly articulated how marriage can be affected by having children.

(In Gottman’s research, he found that two thirds of couples underwent a precipitous drop in marital satisfaction when they became parents.) I think that while this book is marketed to parents and specifically to mothers, it’s a great read for those who might be on the fence about starting a family.

And Chapman’s right: The backyard gets clean faster with a compliment than a complaint.

Or, as my momma says, you catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

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