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Instead of focusing on what you think of your date superficially, focus on 'How does he or she make me feel? Does she make me feel like the best version of myself?

' That's really how you'll know if this is someone worth making plans with again." —Marina Khidekel,"I once had someone say to me 'I know that you care for me, but you seem like you need to explore what you want, so I think you should do that.

Next, men have to plan out the perfect sequence of events and activities so that the lady has a great time.

Planning can be extremely stressful because we want this date to be successful so badly.

I mean, asking somebody on a date is serious business.

You’re making your intentions extremely clear, and that can put you in a really vulnerable position.

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I recently read the article posted last month entitled, “Why We Need To Start Dating Again”. Once you go with its rhythms, you're a lot better off." —Jordan Carlos, comedian, writer for Comedy Central's "If you want to meet a better quality man, you're going to have to get used to taking more risks. We want you to turn to us and be like, 'It's so busy in here.' Say the most obvious thing you can think of because in that moment, we don't hear, 'It's so busy in here.' We hear, 'It's OK for you to talk to me.'" —Matthew Hussey, dating coach, "The best thing you can do is engage a guy for a moment — mention his shoes, his style, his anything — and then turn away. It's a very specific skill, and it's pretty useless in the rest of the world.All us guys can get out sometimes is 'Hey.' We're just trying. Then she immediately becomes unique." —Matthew Hussey"So many women go into a date thinking, 'What do I think of this person? You start picking him apart, like, 'I don't like his shoes,' or, 'He's nice but I wish he had more hair.' But a friend of mine actually gave the best advice about this.I've noticed it's usually once he has gotten his first taste of career success or is able to provide for himself.If he gets a big promotion, the world seems bright and possibilities are endless.

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