Dating in sobriety

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Check out Best Dating Sites and get the most up to date, accurate and detailed information on Sober Dating websites before you join! • Members are allowed to list their recovery dates and length of sobriety.

• Inappropriate content such as photos with beer and marijuana is prohibited. • Strict no refund policy on their BRONZE, ...[Read More] 12 Step Match is a dating site for just about anyone in any sort of recovery program.

When I first started dating again, I was so uncomfortable talking about my recovery.

It took me a good two years before I was able let go of the shame I carried around my alcoholism.

Sober dating sites for former alcoholics, drug addicts and those with other addictions are now becoming popular on the web. In general, dating is uncomfortable, frightening, and sometimes disappointing. Maybe we’ve never really had sex without being under the influence. In our addiction, we had liquid courage to make us more flirtatious or seem more outgoing.Though, when we begin to experience it, it may not turn out so bad as it seems to be.If you’ve recently started to date in sobriety, or have done so and failed, there are a few steps you can take next to guarantee that you’re looking, feeling, and are the best you can be to meet your next potential partner.

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