Dating in the dark kissing scenes

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He wants to be liked, or not liked, for who he is, not what he's been through.*Before the girls were revealed they asked Chris who he was interested in. He really liked Megan becasue they had the most in common (appeared to be very family oriented).HOWEVER, when the guys got to look through their purses they found condoms in Megans purse, but it wasnt appropriate to air condoms on ABC, so that part was never revealed (editing) to the audience.On the first date (final round of dating) Sasha actually made the move on him (producers were urging the girls to kiss him too).

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I'm Mark and I currently reside with Chris and one other roommate (Anthony) in Westlake Village, C. What the audience doesn't know/ doesn't see*Billy Ray and Phil never pulled themselves out of it becasuse they weren't attracted (personality) to any of the girls (which is how it was portrayed)."GIVE AMERICA SOMETHING TO WATCH." Chris objected and didn't kiss any of the girls on the final round of dating.At this point the producers were pissed and said HE HAD TO GO IN THERE AND KISS THEM and they were implementing another round of dating cuz it NEEDED TO HAPPEN.Problem: They liked Chris*Chris NEVER EVER talks about his dad OR his cancer experience.The producers make them open up on these dates because it gets people emotionaly involved a lot quicker.

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