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Leave your phones at home and indulge in each other’s company or (if you can’t resist snapping the perfect Instagram picture) purchase some type of waterproof case with a flotation device.

We are bringing our community together for a day of music and entertainment featuring Leeroy Stagger.On Saturday and Sunday, May 30th and May 31st, from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM, Margaret will be conducting a two-day workshop, . This workshop is designed for those with some drawing skills and an interest in plants. Below is a list we’ve put together on things for couples to do in Lethbridge. There comes a point where couples find themselves asking, “what should we do? This creative block in the road may cause boredom, frustration, maybe binge-watching TV shows.Watching TV or movies with your partner may be a good time occasionally (and in moderation), but it’s important that you are growing and experiencing life together with them beyond a screen.

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