Dating mamas boy

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You know those family stories you have, the ones that get told over and over again? Remember back when I brought up the story from Genesis, the creation of woman and her specific role? As women we share that common vocation and there is one woman who has an extra dose of that helpful nature, that woman is Mary, the Mother of God.

My gramma used to say the rosary and pray that all four of her sons would marry good Catholic women. I hate to break it to you ladies, but if you accept Jesus’ invitation, you are going to be dating a mama’s boy (actually, I LOVE to break it to you).

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I can’t think of a better guide on this journey than a mother. When I find myself falling for the vanity so abundant in this world, or I become overwhelmed with self-doubt, I imagine laying my head on my Holy Mother’s lap, her soft hand stroking my hair and wiping the tears of shame off my cheeks.

As I am engulfed by the compassion of Mama Mary I can sense her look to her Son and hear the tenderness in her voice as she speaks to Him, “have pity on my daughter, in Your mercifulness, set her free.

She desires for us all the things a perfect Mother does, she trusted in the Lord and was honored with goodness.

She wants to help us trust her Son and His Father just as much as she did, knowing that our trust will only lead us to goodness too.

In understanding Mary’s role in our lives and the part she plays in our spiritual nature, we have to go back to the first woman, Eve. Eve is our first mother, instructed by God to be fruitful and multiply. The role that both of these women played as mothers is vital to our story as human beings in the Body of Christ. Eve, given all goodness to live in, fell for the lies of the devil and allowed him to make her believe God was withholding something good from her, she lost her trust in Him.Come to her and flood her heart with Your love.” If you’re struggling my dear sister, I invite you to get to know our Heavenly Mother.If you already have a strong devotion to Mary, keep it up!The Creator’s life giving power, out of love through the marital act, is nurtured through the body of a woman.Women have been granted the gift to bring God’s life into the world!

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