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Starring: Julia Roberts Plot: Penniless single mom Erin forces lawyer Ed Masry to give her a job as a secretary.

When she gets interested in a family’s medical problems, she uncovers a vast coverup from a company who knowingly poisoned a town’s water and engages her boss in a huge legal fight.

Why we love it: Erin is feisty and fierce — and doesn’t take no for answer.

Not only does she make a difference in the lives of her clients, but she works her fingers to the bone, ensuring that her three kids are well taken care of.

It’s not the life you may have envisioned for yourself, but guess what? (There’s a cozy country home and homemade applesauce empire, too!

) Why we love it: This witty film doesn’t spare Jenna’s initial feelings about being pregnant: she’s not thrilled.

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Starring: Natalie Portman, Ashley Judd, and James Frain Plot: A pregnant 17-year-old rebuilds her life after being abandoned by her boyfriend at a Walmart in Sequoyah, Oklahoma.

Why we love it: With headlines swirling around real-life teen moms who are losing custody of their children and count dating as a priority, it’s nice to watch a film about single teen mom Novalee, who faces many obstacles but champions through all of them and even finds love along the way.

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