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True Noritake china are some of the most exquisite, elegant ceramic pieces around.The history of Noritake china dates to 1876, when Japanese businessman Ichizaemon Morimura and his brother Toyo opened Morimura Brothers in New York City.After early success, the brothers looked to other outlets they could pitch to American consumers.

Because Noritake is the name of a place, the word could not be officially registered as a trade name.It is unclear exactly how many patterns have been produced by the maker to-date, but there are a few examples that attract collectors and are instantly identifiable as Noritake.Noritake’s most popular pattern, Azalea, was produced somewhere between 19.The Great Depression on the 1930s and World War II directly affected Noritake’s output, which makes each item from those periods uniquely treasured.Though Noritake china remains a difficult collectible to appraise, its value lies in the age and rarity of each individual piece.

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