Dating violence prevention in schools speed dating eau claire wi

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Improving legal knowledge about dating violence may be a promising prevention element and could encourage victims of dating violence to seek help.

The results also suggest that another way to strengthen interventions is to target teen attitudes about seeking and giving help.

Survey results also showed that teens who experience or witness aggression in their family life and among peers hold less negative attitudes about dating violence, so finding opportunities for reducing aggression in teens’ daily lives may be helpful.

The focus groups underscored teens’ propensity to turn to peers for help rather than to formal, institutional sources.

Students responded using a 5-point scale — rating a particular source’s helpfulness from zero (“not at all helpful”) to four (“extremely helpful”), and rating the likelihood of talking to that source from “not at all likely” to talk to the source (zero) to “extremely likely” to talk to the source (four) — see the figure.

Notably, teens expressed positive views about the helpfulness of police, teachers, priests, and lawyers, but those views did not translate into a corresponding likelihood that they would turn to these sources for help if needed.

Classes were assigned randomly to receive the “Ending Violence” curriculum or the standard health curriculum.

A total of 2,540 students from ten schools and 110 classes participated.

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