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I wouldn't feel right misleading about the situation if it were someone looking for something serious.

I suppose the easy thing is just to wait until my ex is out of the house.

My concern is how my relationship status looks to people outside.

While the marriage is unequivocally over, due to personal circumstances (IE kids and disentangling finances) my wife and I still live together. Plus with my children still being at home full time I try to spend as much time with them as possible, which I imagine will not make it easy to arrange dates (I'm pretty much locked to lunch during the week and after they're in bed as long as the schedule doesn't conflict with my wife's own social life), and 100% precludes me bringing someone else to my house.

Ok, here you are now, divorced, scared, ashamed and doubting if you want to introduce your new partner to your kids.

They look at you; they do not want to feel emptiness, and you do not want that either.

Before somebody steps into your life, you shouldn’t doubt whether to invite them in or not.

How they react depends on their age, personality, and the circumstances of the separation and divorce process.

Let me only outline several situations and give some advices which, I do hope, will help you to start dating again having children.

The person who used to live with you is no longer in the house.

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