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John said that common topics address the obstacles encountered while seeking cross-cultural relationships online.

Through the blog posts and the forum, members have plenty of opportunities for interaction, which makes China Love more like a community than just a dating site.

Those activities include anything from asking members for money to soliciting their services as visa agents.

Once a scammer is “convicted,” his or her profile picture is altered to include a set of prison bars.

So they decided to use their experience to make a better platform.

”Looking for something fun to do together, we decided to start a better Chinese dating site,” John said.

Many friendships blossom and some evolve into relationships that lead to marriage.

“Some of our best Success Stories are members who met on the forum and then looked up each other’s profile and start to date,” said John.

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All of our members are real.” China Love has a small but dedicated team of employees working from locations around the world.

China Love Match has become a popular destination for singles focused on the long term and includes a forum and blog where users can receive — and provide — valuable advice.

The platform has protocols in place to help keep encounters secure and plans to expand the business to include cross-cultural dating between other nationalities.

The Short Version: The primary mission of China Love is to help Western men and Chinese women find quality relationships — the kind that could end in marriage.

John Abbot and his Chinese-born wife created the platform because they were brought together, in part, through online dating.

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