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On September 3rd, from to EST time, the customers of our websites will have a chance to enjoy our special offers&prices. The research, the planning, the advertising, the writing.You're welcome to find detailed information in the newsletter or ask your affiliate manager for more info. There are the features that are important to the affiliate networks.You will also receive 10% from the earnings of every active tier affiliate referred by you, as per the Two-Tier program’s conditions. The more sub-affiliates you refer in August the more opportunity you’ll have to gain bonuses in September as they all get to work!Find your Tier Linking Code and promo banners in your account at Affiliate2Day! Refer as many customers as you can and get a 00 bonus in addition to your PPS commissions if you reach 200 sales!Please do not forget to mention your affiliate ID or username.That done, you’ll receive a confirmation for participation from us.When: September 1 Please note: you can start preparing for the participation in the bonus program in advance.

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And it’s not always easy to see the truth behind all the fiction. And when you start working with affiliate networks it seems like you’ve got so much to do. How to Start Working with Affiliate Programs on a Shoestring Budget There are all kinds of ideas about working with affiliate programs.

Especially if you’re starting from scratch with a new website to manage too. Some people think that you have to be good at coding to start.

Now, we're happy to inform you that all the problems have been fixed successfully and you're welcome to continue working in your personal account!

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