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This also meant this mod here could be shrunk down.Having 2 flavors basically doing the same things wasn’t something I was a fond of.If there isn’t any things like relationship levels will help choose and if they are having a bad conversation with a sim will also help them choose who to drink uncontrollably with.I didn’t add conversations to night time nightly visits because that is usually done when a sim is sleeping.Also, certain traits are set to not do these interactions.Good and Vegetarian are highly unlikely to force a sim to turn, however, a good sim will prefer to ask the sim first. Evil and mean sims are going to prefer to force sims into vampirism instead of asking.

Most traits are a neutral setting however, evil, hot headed and mean sims will have a fairly higher increase in doing these interactions.

[B]NEW Ask for Permission to Drink is set up the same way as the small drink.

This one is in TESTING so if there seems to be something wrong please let me know.

Things you will find in this mod: Flavor 3 has been removed as it is no longer needed.

I have made some big changes with my Pregnant Aging and Death mod to decrease the amount of time it takes to update and check for each game update.

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