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Also, what OS are your non-Windows systems that aren't updating? Can you force a DNS registration on an OSX machine using "sudo net ads dns register"??

Have you tested to see if it's a domain member issue by joining a test culprit to the domain and then seeing if it updates DNS dynamically?

- Scavenge set to 7 days I don't have the FQDN option 81 in the DHCP. to=296095728 =================================== When responding to posts, please "Reply to Group" via your newsreader so that others may learn and benefit from your issue, to respond directly to me remove the nospam. =================================== =================================== Use Outlook Express? Get OE_Quotefix: It will strip signature out and more =================================== Keep a back up of your OE settings and folders with OEBackup: Hi, that's the strange thing.

On a small network, It did work to exclude DHCP option 15 (DNS Domain name), and printers started to register in the DNS. On the small network(one subnet), after taking the Option 15 of the Scope and restarting printers they registered in DNS. I assign the IP's that the printers had to another devices and tried to let them reregister in dns without a success, they got new ip's but didn't register in DNS.

When clients get an IP the DHCP server correctly adds the forward A record, however a PTR never gets generated.

All the DHCP scope options are on in the DNS tab for "always do a dynamic registration" and "do a dynamic reg even if the client doesn't ask for it"Googling has turned up a bunch of people with the issue but I see no concrete solution.

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