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If multiple completions are possible, you can press the tab key until it cycles to the one you want.

You can use this to quickly whisper someone, or even just to highlight them (cause them to hear a sound and see specially formatted text to grab their attention).

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We also have the option to hide all conversations, a button to take us to the options menu, which we will discuss later, and a button to close the conversations menu without making any changes.

Above, you can see that the new rooms have been added to the menu bar at the top.

We can switch between rooms with those buttons, or select any of those rooms that we are not interested in, then use the ⓧ button at the far right of the menu/navigation bar to leave those channels one by one, clearing their buttons from the menu bar.

So, now that we're back at the main chat room, we might want to send private messages to other users directly without leaving the flow of chat.

Click the user's name, and select "whisper" to do this, just like how "whisper" messages work on most chat sites.

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