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The latest update loop seems to have been caused by an erroneous update to the plugin on the admin site, that list the latest version as 1.4.4.

I've just set this back, and it's fine on the development list now. is at version 1.4.3, but the latest version is 1.4.4, let's install it", which it does, but it just installs 1.4.3 as that is what is downloaded.

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Still seeing this prompt regarding a non-existent update to Plugin Manager.This includes any add-on software (excluding Money for the Pocket PC), third party software or information which relates to other Microsoft products and marketing information. First there was one for the plugin manager, then I installed that update before installing other plugins, now it's not in the list anymore, but it keeps asking. Notepad v7.3.2 (32-bit) Build time : Feb 12 2017 - Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad \notepad Admin mode : ON Local Conf mode : OFF OS : Windows 7 (64-bit) Plugins : Compare Customize Menu Npp External Npp Save As Plugin Run Spell mime Npp Npp I've been seeing the same issue for a few months.FAQ Home | A to Z | Keywords | Category List Accounts | Bills/Deposits | Budget | Business | Installation | Errors | File Management | Import/Export | Investment | Loans | Pocket PC | Software | Patches | Online | Other | Planning | Product | Quicken | Related Software | Reports | Tax Below are links to some Microsoft (MS) Money FAQ (frequently asked question) articles and questions which appear from time to time in the Microsoft Money newsgroup, forums or have been captured from emails or information found on the web.If you have having a problem listed, or need some information on how to do a particular task, then look at the list below or in the category lists.

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