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Zac was present there with his High School Musical team, and guess what Lilly was just 18.

Zac stated that he thought Lily was ‘entitled’ as he thought she was a rich kid.

Sounds like love (at least to TMZ.) Or, if you deep dive Efron and Daddario's Instagrams, a man very determined to get a girl to like him.

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She added,” I used to do reporting used to be reporting to do reporting for Nickelodeon, so I literally interviewed him at an orange carpet event years ago.The truth hurts, but someone has to say it, and that someone is me.Zac Efron has made our hearts swoon ever since his days as Troy Bolton in High School Musical, but now our hearts are crushed at the news that he might be off the market.Zac Efron has made a few of his relationships public in the past and has been openly single since 2016.In an interview for The Awkward Moment, Efron described his ideal partner as “someone that’s creative, smart and self-confident.” Zac Efron’s first public relationship was with his High School Musical co-star, Vanessa Hudgens.

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