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Just the vacation spot for a headstrong, adventure-loving, cocktail-imbibing, fashion-conscious chick.Long averse to non-Muslim curiosity seekers, the Kingdom is now flirting with tourism, though drinking is forbidden and women can’t drive—or do much of anything—without a man.Government-granted “Rights of Age” Saudi Arabia is one of the four countries in the world that has not granted women the right to vote, along with Bhutan, Brunei, and Lebanon (which has an education restriction for women, but not for men). In Saudi Arabia, drinking alcohol, no matter what age, is forbidden.Recognizing its constitution as the Koran, Saudi Arabia utilizes the text as a religious justification in outlawing the substance.

The latticed screens on cantilevered verandas were intended to ensure “the privacy and seclusion of the harem,” as the Lebanese writer Ameen Rihani noted in 1930.

The authorities also hand out stiff penalties to people found in possession of equipment for making alcohol.” Saudi Arabia also has one of the highest driving ages in the world at 25, and in addition does not allow women to drive.

Again citing religious reasons, the government does not allow women to ride bicycles.

Education System Saudi Arabia’s education system leaves minimal freedom for the student to explore paths of thought diverging from the one prescribed by the Government.

Prince Fahn bin Sultan, Tabouk District Governor, stated that “There is no room for personal commentary by a teacher who sets the curriculum aside.

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