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“It was very obvious the jury had strong negative feelings about Keith and about certain aspects of his lifestyle,” Mr.

Agnifilo said, adding, “Not everything that’s offensive translates to a crime.”Much of the trial focused on a secret sorority within Nxivm called The Vow or D. S., in which women were branded, asked to adhere to starvation diets and assigned to have sex with Mr. As proof of their commitment to his teachings, the women handed over nude photographs and signed letters containing embarrassing secrets, which were then used to compel them to follow orders, prosecutors said.

“With his inner circle, he was the ruler in his universe,” a prosecutor, Moira Penza, told jurors during her closing statement.

One woman, identified in court only as Daniela, testified that all six members of her family moved to New York State from Mexico to become part of the group. Raniere started sexual relationships with her, her older sister, Marianna, and her underage sister, Camila. Raniere that she was attracted to another man, he directed that she be confined inside a room for nearly two years, convincing her family that she needed to be punished because she was “prideful.” In the end, her father and another Nxivm member drove her to the Mexican border. Raniere co-founded Nxivm (pronounced NEX-ee-um) with Nancy Salzman in the 1990s as a self-help organization, offering courses with names like Rules and Rituals, Civilization and Human Pain. Mack, the actress, and considered them his “slaves,” witnesses said. member, identified only as Nicole, described how Mr. Instead, the Mexican police knocked on the door in March 2018 with a warrant for Mr. The police kicked the door down and entered with drawn guns.

Many of the witnesses were identified only by their first name.

The evidence included seized documents, email messages, audio recordings and testimony from more than a dozen people, including women who had been former “slaves.” The proceedings offered a chilling and sometimes surreal glimpse of daily life inside the highly secretive group, where Mr.

Raniere charged more than 0,000 to the credit card of a senior Nxivm member after her death and wrote checks totaling more than 0,000 on her bank account, Ms. The trial was conducted under the sort of security that is usually associated with terrorists and drug lords.

The jurors, whose names were withheld, were brought to and from court in vans driven by United States marshals.

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