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In the Init event we created product instance and subscribe to On Property Change event of Product class. This operation fired Property Change and this was send to all subscribers.This calls Property Has Changed method with all informations.I would have though that the lines in the Entering handlers would have been sufficient.Doesn't it work to simply set Causes Validation to "false" on both text boxes and then set it to "true" for all other controls, and not manipulate it at all in the event handlers?The workshop is for businesses and entrepreneurs with a beta technology or new idea and how they can benefit from testing their software or hardware using cutting-edge ICT facilities in realistic conditions.With EXPERIMEDIA the future media internet is already here!In most cases, you can't "fire" events directly via code.

This article should not be construed as a best practices white I said, read the other link), so you don't have to test for which control has focus in your Validating event handler.Why don't you just write your validation code in a separate procedure and call that whenever you need to perform the validation? If for example there is yet another control that needs validation, the Causes Validation properties of both textboxes have to be set to true.I'm not able to reproduce that behaviour (in an experiment with 3 textboxes).(and hopefully it will keep working when I add more panels and other controls that may need validation ;-) Regards...

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