Form not validating on submit

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To clarify, I'm suggesting that you think of things like this carefully….

I promise you'll be glad you did once you plug in Power BI and start analyzing the data being collected.

Having spent many years designing business forms using technologies such as Adobe Acrobat, Info Path, Nintex, Claysys, and simple javascript, I recognize that there are things we must do to protect the format of data entries, as well as to facilitate form entry.

Although there is no "perfect" form designer tool, there is quite a lot you can do to improve the experience.

You will definitely be able to use your list of targets to plan out data validation goals in Power Apps too.

HEADS UP: We currently have a connector issue logged where the Share Point default field value for choice lists is only recognized by Power Apps if it is the very first option in the list of choices on Share Point.

Because of this, if you want to use a default value for that Share Point choice field within your Power App; make sure it's at the top of the choice list. (in that case, we set this default because 99% of the end users will be lodging in the "Seattle" area).

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