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For some inspiration on how to provide a similar experience, we’ve listed some of these chatbots below.While all Facebook chatbots are implemented with the purpose to increase efficiency, some are doing their jobs better than others.This means if you have a Facebook business page (you should really create one if you haven’t already), there’s a good chance a user will engage with your chatbot to learn more about your business.If you’re still not swayed to use Messenger as the platform for your first chatbot, take a look at the top five advantages: Facebook chatbots are live at all hours of the day and send near-instant responses to user inquiries.Besides, you don’t want a potential customer lingering, do you?

Facebook chatbots are the deliverers of these messages.Amongst all mobile chat apps, Facebook Messenger ranks second with about 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide.Facebook, however, still remains as the most popular social media network, with 79 percent of U. adults obtaining a profile, making Facebook marketing a goldmine for social media marketing teams.Since 1997, Cleverbot has learned from nearly 300 million interactions with humans.Little did we know that going down the endless Cleverbot rabbit hole would help pave the way for future chatbots – ones that would be much more valuable to businesses.

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