Gay dating signs leo

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Leo is proud and wants love, respect and acceptance, and is therefore more conservative. This year Mars, who has just moved into Leo will be part of that date between the Sun and Moon, adding energy to fire up our vitality and passion.

Aquarius relishes being different, doesn’t want to fit in, and doesn’t obey rules. The four days of the challenging First Quarter Square, when the Moon has moved into Scorpio (from July 30 is also a lunar eclipse, which is an extra potent Full Moon and offers an opportunity to make significant shifts in our lives.

when the Sun in Leo is challenged by the Moon’s opposition in Aquarius. Aquarius is the “freedom fighter,” the revolutionary, an inundator, and eccentric, requiring the ability to, literally, love everyone. But we all have both in our charts in varying degrees. Leo doesn’t like to be alone, and Aquarius must have alone time.

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Significant people also tend to come into or go out of our lives.

However, it seems to work because of their ruling planets, Venus and Jupiter.

There's tons of positive energy here, sexual and otherwise, and it's the kind of thing that can make this coupling easy and fun for both.

On August 12th, Mercury, planet of communication, goes into its retrograde period till September 5.

This is classically a time of confusion with directions and communication.

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