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The ancient artists frequently represented hermaphrodites, either in groups or separately, and either in a reclining or a standing attitude.

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Others, however, conceive that the hermaphrodites were subjects of artistic representation rather than of religious worship.She prayed to to be united with him forever and the gods, answering her prayer, merged their two forms into one.At the same time her spring acquired the property of making men who bathed in its waters soft and effeminate.A Nympha dwelt there, not one to bend the bow or join the hunt or run to win the race; she was the only of the Naides unknown to swift Diana [Artemis].Many a time her sisters chide her: ‘Come, Salmacis, get out your spear or painted quiver; vary your hours of ease with hardships of the chase.’ Yet never spear she took nor painted quiver, nor would vary her hours of ease with hardships of the chase; but in her pool would bathe her lovely limbs, and with a comb of boxwood dress her hair, and, gazing long, take counsel of the waters what style were best.

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