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After pm we will post a map of our location in the event photos in case you want to join later! c) SUPPLIES, paper plates, napkins, forks (& knives, spoons) trash bags! (but bring a jacket in case it gets too cold) In the event it suddenly rains, we will post on the event feed a new location and update all. Around 50% of our attendees come alone and are first timers we will make sure you feel welcome and show you how it works, so no worries! Also, having a partner is not required as we constantly rotate during the class.

(But it will be hard to find us so let's try to be on time.) If you would like to attend, you AGREE to bring either: a) FOOD (would be great if relevant to your language/culture but not necessary)! This is to share with other 3 people at least, (1 open package of cookies and 1 old banana is TOTALLY NOT OK! This format gives you the opportunity to practice your steps with various partners and prepares you for the social dance scene in a safe and pressure-free environment - also a great opportunity to practice your Spanish!

This high-energy class focuses on combinations, leading and following technique, group moves, styling, body motion, and fun salsa suelta footwork.

By the end of the 8-week sequence, you will have all the tools necessary to get out on the dance floor and be fun, fluid, and spontaneous with everything you've learned.

Groups meet and exchange language skills at their own leisure for 1 hour a week and also get the opportunity to meet and mingle with other program participants.

Whether you are interested in making friends that speak a language you want to practice, want to gain insights into cultural codes that are hard to learn from text books or prepare for a trip overseas, this program is for you.

Feel free to contact them at any time for additional info or if you have any questions.

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In each 90-minute class of the four week series, students focus on developing dance fundamentals including rhythm, coordination, balance, and the specific technical aspects of Cuban Salsa, including basic steps and turn patterns, partnering technique, and the fundamental motions of Casino and Rueda de Casino.

Applying early and listing several language preferences, increases your chances to get a match.

Applicants are matched into groups of up to 4 people.

Our matching software matches applicants on a first come first served basis.

For sought after languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean, we may not have enough native speakers to meet the need.

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