Internet dating violence statistics what are best online dating sites

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A CDC survey found that 10% of high school students had been physically hurt by a dating partner on purpose within the past year. Sexual violence was even more common, with 11% of students reporting being forced to do something sexual within the past year by a dating partner.Again, more girls (16%) reported this than boys (5%).When teens use the Internet to post messages about harming themselves or someone else, this is known as a cyberthreat.Cyberthreats can be an indicator to parents or other adults that a teen needs help, and they may also be against the law.In the US, hate group web sites are usually protected as free speech as long as they do not contain specific threats of violence, but they may encourage young people to act violently against others, and provide chat rooms and forums where people talk about hurting other people.Other web sites encourage teens to harm themselves and offer ideas on ways to do so.

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The Internet can both encourage and prevent teen violence, depending on who pays attention or speaks up.The US Secret Service published a report on their findings about school shootings in the United States, and in it they found that teens who were involved in school shootings usually told other teens beforehand what they were planning.In many recent attacks on schools and other public places the shooter had previously posted concerning information on the Internet, but in most cases no one had reported the information.In some cases, cyberthreats are followed by actual acts of violence.Teen Internet violence and cyberthreats can occur in many ways.

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