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We then go through a list of the body language issues to avoid (nervousness, darting eyes, fidgeting, tentative gestures, staring at the floor, etc); then we get a list of signs that a woman is attracted to you.

And then, around the middle of DVD II…Mystery shows up as a guest speaker.

If it weren't for the guest speakers, this program would be a rip off IMO.

All Guest speakers give their own perspective on dating and gaming.

This is all demonstrated on volunteers from the audience.

Quote: “Attention and approval is truly a CURRENCY of communication; learn to spend it and invest it very wisely”.

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You can and should use your body language to amplify attraction and communicate high-status.

This series is better at listening to over and over to build "inner game".

Advanced series is full of good stuff, but again, mostly inner game, paradigm shifting material. i got the advanced dating stuff on cool to listen to before going out while getting inner game stuff gets me pumped far as pickup lines an techniques its pretty weak but is worth hearing at least last dude is a joke though.talks about how he stands back does not approach does not take womens phone numbers tells them he wont date them hes just gonna screw-nut-bolt and still has like several 3 somes every you are famous that shit works is not.

Also, this program eventually lead me into the world of indirect PU and transitioning into learning M3 model (Attraction, Comfort, Seduction) from Mystery himself.

DYD Advanced Dating Techniques brought in other experts to the game from the SS community including Ben Orion, Dave Riker and was a platform to highlight the work of Rick H, Brent Smith, and even Hypnotica.

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