Is mikey dating candice american chopper

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American Chopper: OCC John Christner Trucking Bike Find out how Rick met his fiancee, whether Senior had ever driven an 18-wheeler before, and how everyone feels about Junior replacing the OCC logo with Paul Jr.

is being sued for allegedly sabotaging a TV project and costing his business partner millions of dollars.

Page Six obtained the Delaware State Chancery Court documents filed in April, which claim that Teutul used Thomas Derbyshire’s investment in an “American Chopper” reboot to fund his personal expenses.

Derbyshire said that he agreed to work with Teutul on the show “Orange County Choppers: American Made” for A&E in 2015, but their business agreement quickly went south after Teutul tried to change their 51/49 percent ownership deal (benefiting Derbyshire) to a 50/50 deal.

The fixture on the right is somewhat of an after pic. A lot did come off, but enough remained to make the effort seem not worth it. I soaked the fixtures overnight in the pleasantly-scented stripper.

It's after I used conventional (nasty) paint stripper and a scraper to remove the paint. Then I wiped off a lot of the residue, and treated the stubborn spots to some course steel wool.

Derbyshire’s interpretation of said events is without merit​ and with the timing of Orange County Choppers much anticipated return to television tomorrow night the timing is very suspect of once again untrue allegations.” The case is still ongoing.

Page Six previously reported that Teutul’s home is in foreclosure.

The one on the left is pretty much a before picture.

It's business as usual as OCC continues on their chopper for Go

With the bike out to paint, Mikey and Sr make it a father-son day at the racetrack, where Mikey lets his hair down and shows off his skills to Indy car driver Danica Patrick.

American Chopper: PJD 811 Bike Aftershow 2 Mikey explains why he couldn't accept Senior's invitation to paint at his house, as well as his strategy for losing weight to raise money for a local child with cancer.

Then the PJD crew weighs in on Senior's Apprentice appearance.

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